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It’s time for The 180

It’s time for a change.

Next June I turn 60. Suddenly, the reality of the big 6-0 is breathing down my neck. OK, more like huffing and puffing because it’s a little bit out of shape at this point, but you get the idea. It’s right around the corner waiting for me. Kind of like the Jehovah’s Witness who has a copy of Awake! to hand to you when you accidentally run into him and can’t avoid it.

Awake! Yup. That’s what I need to be. Time to wake up and smell the future. And I don’t want that odor to be rancid.

While I’ve been working at Lethbridge College for 15 years, I am now looking forward to retirement . . . early retirement if that is possible. That’s going to require some planning. You see, I haven’t really set myself up for retirement. I have a pension from the college the amount of which will be determined by my retirement date. Plus, I can take the Canadian Pension Plan starting at 60. Taking both at that point reduces the amount I’d receive per month, so the need is to find an additional income source.

“Wait a second,” I can hear you saying. “If you’re wanting to retire, what’s with the seeking an additional income? Isn’t that like just getting another job?”

Yes, in a way. Taking an early retirement means there will be a small income for me. But what that really does is provide a bit of a safety net that frees me up to explore some options. What kinds of options? Well, that’s what I will be researching.

I do not want just another job. The goal behind an early retirement is to have more time to do what I want to do. Securing another full-time job is NOT what I have in mind. Flexibility is the key.

Maybe something part time. Maybe a contract position at the college that leaves my summers free. Maybe something in sales – not retail sales, professional sales. Maybe writing. Maybe something requiring sharing and presenting information.

So many things to explore! And I’m going to share that exploration. Join me in my search for options on the road to early retirement. You never know where it could lead. And why would you? I’m not even sure where it’s going. But it’s going to be interesting finding out.

Launching The 180

With that in mind, today, November 1, 2016, I’m launching a personal project I’m calling The 180 … as in 180 degrees. A complete spin around in many aspects of my life. It’s a title that came to me for a number of reasons.

  1. The idea of a 180-degree about face on many things. For example:
    • Getting serious about developing additional income streams to set up for retirement.
    • Addressing some health issues/habits.
    • Focus on doing some writing.
    • Developing stronger self-discipline.
    • Exploring my spiritual walk.
  2. Dedicating 180 days to it and then checking the results.
  3. Getting my weight down to 180 lbs, then reassessing and seeing where to go from there.

Today is November 1 – All Saints Day. It’s a perfect starting point for tackling some goals with a measurable time frame. Essentially, 180 days will take me approximately to May 1 – May Day. OK, OK. It’s exactly 181 days according to Planetcalc. One extra day to complete the goals!

The point is … well, actually, it’s two points … on a calendar … with a special significance. The idea for me is creating accountability by having some specific dates in mind to keep me aware of how things are progressing. And ’180′ ties in nicely to what I’m looking at doing.

If you’re interested, I hope you’ll follow along. It’s going to be a great ride.

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