Derek Bly

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change.

Keeping it real in the cyber world

Looking for a real solution to what can often seem like the unreal world of marketing today? Frustrating, isn’t it? I know because I’ve been there. That elusive dream to earn an income online from home always seems to be lurking just out of reach. And the information overload! Don’t even get me started on info overload.

I don’t have any proof but I’d be willing to bet excessive information has stopped more than a boat load of would-be entrepreneurs. Again, I know because I’ve been there. Finally, I decided what I needed was a mentor to help guide me through this maze. I found one and the difference it makes is incredible.

Maybe you’re like me. But how would you know unless I share a bit about myself? I’m not a spring a chicken, but I’m also not ready to be put out to pasture. I’m in my mid 50s. I’m a boomer. I did the boomer thing . . . go to school, find a good career and get set up for life. At least that’s what is supposed to have happened. Somewhere along the way life slapped me upside the head and force-fed me a dose of reality.

Let’s face it fellow boomers, retirement isn’t looking very golden for many of us.

  • How’s your retirement fund doing?
  • Have you suffered any loses in the past few years?
  • Are you taking steps to ensure you can enjoy your time when you step away from the work force?

I have a passion for helping others who find the expected path has tripped them up. There is a solution to security outside the realm of the J-O-B and faultering investments. You can do your own thing online if you have the right information and a coach to help you along.

It’s working for me and I’m here for you.

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